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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  November 15, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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but there's an even deadlier predator were. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley. we are going to begin with horrifying case that had a richmond police officer wiping tears from his eyes today. he testified in court today about the young victim that he saw after a vicious
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gang rape that made national news. cecelia was there. >>reporter: the 7 suspects were shackled at the waist marched in and out of the martin the east courthouse. many were high school age at the time of the attack. one was just 15. in the courtroom details emerge of the heinous gang rape outside richmond high homecoming dance. details so disturbing a veteran police officer was brought to tear. richmond police officer todd kaiser the first on the scene cried on the stand as he described finding the 16-year-old victim underneath a picnic table in the dimly lit campus court yard. he said i thought she was dead when i first saw her. nearby officers found open condom wrappers. silver high heel shoe. the girl's school i.d. empty purse and empty bolts of brandy. she had cuts on her back and non-responsive. limp. she had to be flown to the hospital in a helicopter. officer gunner described the
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scene saying i saw a female hunched over a table. her dress was if you would up above her waist. the suspect ran when they saw police. officers testified that manuel ortega shouted when police caught him. he said i just wanted to pimp her out. then he told officers just go ahead and kill me. ortega lawyer pushed respond police on the stand to talk about the girl's level of intoxication. saying i believe the level of intoxication is highly relevant on the question of participation or consent in the charges that are alleged here. it was a case that shocked the nation. school officials say it has scarred richmond high. >> left a bad image and one that people still haven't gotten over. we are still trying to recover but we have taken steps to change the cull take your. change the physical naim nature of the site and try to change the mind set of individuals living within the neighborhood. >>reporter: because of the number of suspect in the case it should run through next
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week. attorney told me today that she expects to call 20 witnesses to the stand. almost all of the suspects in this case are facing charges that could bring them life in prison and juveniles are being charged as adults. reporting martinez, abc 7 news. at the request of senator feinstein the deportation of san francisco city college student scheduled for today has now been postponed. as we reported last week, week, 20-year-old steve lee came to the u.s. from peru when he was 12. his parents allowed the tourist visa to lapse and later denied a request for political asylum. quin stein may introduce a bill to let lee stay in the country while congress decides on the dream act which would allow students here illegally to become citizens. senator feinstein issued a statement calling leah bright young man who was fwrot this country through no fault of his own. she went on to say it would be unjust the deport him before we get a chance to vote on this bill. again referring to the dream act. your tax dollars will
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continue to pay for illegal immigrants to get a college education in california. state supreme court says that some illegal immigrant are entitled to the same tuition break offered to instate student at public college and university. about annette with the ruling and the reaction. >>reporter: case ork natured from class action lawsuit in 2005. numerous uc students from out of state felt it was unfair to be charged out of state tuition when certain illegal immigrants students from california were allowed to pay much lower in state tuition. today's ruling was disappointment to the plaintiff many of whom are now pursuing careers out of state. >> giving state instate tuition whale denying it to states who are citizen is kind of weird. i don't know exactly what they can do with this degree once they have got it because mosts places are going to ask them for citizenship and proof and this kind of thing. >>reporter: state legislature approved the law allowing illegal immigrant to pay
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instate tuition as long as they attended a california high school for at least three years and graduated from it 10 states have the same rule. in the ruling the justice felt this case wasn't about immigration. it was about the right of state and legislature to impose restrictions on public university eligibility. uc was part of the fight to keep the state law intact you. >> we are educating undocumented immigrant in our schools and we are investing in them. part of our economy. part of our future and some of them may become legalized and become u.s. citizens in the end. >>reporter: estimate theed 25,000 illegal immigrants 7 in state tuition rates in california. out of state attorneys say that cost tax paces 208 million dollars a year not to mention about the slot that would go to student with citizenship. uc student not involved in the lawsuit felt the court made the right decision. >> i happen to think that education should be more for right rat than a privilege.
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it does no good to have population that is ignorant. >>reporter: lawyers for the out of state students say they plan to appeal directly to the u.s. supreme court p.the battle is certainly not of. at uc davis 7 news. well just as the cost of college has been rising so too has the paycheck have the paycheck for college president. according to the chronicle of higher education 30 president took in more than 1 million dollars in total compensation in 2008. that's the most recent year for which statistics are available. but one bay area academic on the list is john hennessee. president of establish ford. he earned just under 1.1 million dollars. no. 1 on the list, bernard lander founder and president of turro college in new york. he died this year but he made 4.7 million dollars in total compensation. police have arrested 5 people including 3 juveniles in connection with the series of pepper spray robbery in san francisco. lasts week at
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least 5 separate incidents were reported where muggers used pepper spray to rob people of their cash, i.pod and whatever they had of value. none of the victim was seriousseriously hurt. different kind of crime also in san francisco. swan killed at the palace of fine arts over the weekend for some inex applicable reason. lee is live with more information on the crime. lee there was another swan that was stolen there last spring, remember? >>reporter: well, they say it was stolen or possibly it may have just left but you are right, it was actually the mother of the swan that was killed over the weekend. and really tonight there is only one swan left and the whole area is seeing such a huge tragedy here. >> devastated me. because i'm the one that pulled her out. and her neck was broke clean through. i'm sure she went up to these people thinking they are going to give me something to eat. and l it was just
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best intention and they killed her. >> this is clearly just a random act of horrific violence by somebody and to me i can't imagine why somebody would want to kill an innocent beautiful animal like this or any animal so it just lead know believe it was stupid either horrible prank orchids joking around. >>reporter: approximately today those 2 swan care tears were actually feeding the remaining swan. her name is blanche. she is 17 years old. and they tell me that they are putting up a 500 dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest or any information to this crime. 500 dollars they are asking you if you have any information call the san francisco animal care and control and remember, animal cruelty is a felony. live at palace of fine art, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much lee. >> l well, the crab season has at the store forbut you may
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a day or 2. fishermen had to wait until some uncertainty was cleared up about whet the crabs had enough meat on them. they do it turns out. word came late today crabbers begin hauling them in in the catch in earnest tomorrow. here's wayne friedman. >>reporter: when the boats return to fisherman wharf this morning they carry enough fresh crab to make them salivate a river but the bounty may be deceiving. >> i hear there's a lot of crab in the ocean what from what i hear and not enough food for them. >>reporter: what is that skinny crab? if the rumor were true fishermen from half moon, san francisco and bodega bay struck the hall to mike luke at in santa rosa this morning. >> all a number game forever a processor. >>reporter: number as percentage of meat relative to the shell. percentage of recovery they call it. 25% the goal point. >> real issue. we kabing some crab 3 days ago and after we cooked them and opened up we were upset about the amount of
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crab birth. we were you present set how full speed limit of the crabs were and how some of the legs up in the pincher weren't as full of crab meat as they wanted to. >>reporter: even today a good firm squeeze revealed some shells that with not as firm as they should be indicating slightly immature crabs. but the significant test would come later. make lucas team cooked picked and then weighed the meat. >> what is the difference between one percent or 2%. >> well, it can be a dime to 15 cent depend on what the starting price was. >>reporter: uncertainty kept many fishermen lingering around hoping to hear if they fish tonight or if they wait for a few days. >> our whole objective not to put bad crab on the market. >> from lacking at the crab and just seeing it visually it looks fine. >>reporter: but at this time of year crabbing is no beauty contest. one of the good things in life for thoses who eat them and a living for those who catch them. >> more meat the better. lick water melon the riper the bet. don't buy water melon in
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february you buy tonight july. >>reporter: after all the worry make lucas called us a few minutes ago with the final number. about 27 percent ratio of meat to shell. that's not just passable. that is quite good. so if you haven't heard it by now, now you know. crab season in san francisco l has gun. this is abc 7 news. much more to bring you here tonight. abc 7 news i team follow-up. coming at 9:00 from laguna honda hospital where gift fund for patient is still being spent on the staff. >> it looks like e-mail. act like e-mail. but facebook ceo says the new service is a modern messaging system instead. >> accu-weather forecast center from record november heat to cold and rainy in just a mat of days. all in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and another reason for giants fans to celebrate. find out what happened today find out what happened today
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>> 8 people injured when the bus was side swiped by a car in san francisco. both drivers along with 6 passengers aboard the bus were taken to the hospital. all were expected to be released later today. oakland mayor del ham has canceled the final state of the city address. it had been scheduled for wednesday. instead the information is include entered a report and video that will be posted to the city's web site. facebook says the
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traditional e-mail is just too slow and it is therefore doing something about it. the social networking site is creating what some call the next generation of on line messaging. here's money scope reporter david to explain how it works. >>reporter: facebook says the real value is being able to consolidate all the personal messages a single chronological thread. they can be text messages such as i am and sms and e-mail as well. not just e-mail. it knows who your friends are. >> only facebook can build the new kind of system where i can say that person over there is not my friend. i don't want to hear e-mail from them. don't want to get spam. i only want to hear from my friend. that's very powerful. >>reporter: facebook e-mail system will be phase entered gradually by invitation only. it weren't to get feed back before rae leasing it to all 500 million users. >> not going to be game changer immediately but will see over time how people use the product. obviously has a lot of powerful feature and even though mark says this is not an e-mail killer it is
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aiming at capturing more of the communication especially the younger users. >>reporter: facebook users tell us they won't and the existing e-mail accounts. >> i will still use google. like my g mail but i think face back is very powerful. >> i have my e-mail address and everything works fine. i don't really think that him if a second one. >>reporter: they think the plan has value. >> hospital that want more control they can set the the private settings for whether can send messages to just friends. we'll bounce e-mail that don't come from somebody a friend of theirs on facebook. >>reporter: as will appear in facebook e-mail. ceo mark says e-mail will not be scanned to help pinpoint what what will appear on your screen. they have been criticized for lapse in privacy an security. >> i think whenever facebooks to anything people are going to be concerned about privacy these days. i'm not sure the private implication for this particular product are known yet. >>reporter: facebook says e-mail is too slow and formal.
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young people tend to prefer texting. but adding e-mail gives everyone a choice. and it could in time create competition for g mail, hot mail and yahoo mail. david, david, abc 7 money scope. interesting. next generation we were talking about e-mails seems fast to me. >> too slow? if ocean is too shall ochlt i don't know. >> keep this nice weather come agent bit longer. >> yes. record warmth today in several location around the bay area. warming again tomorrow about but not as warm as today. live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville nice view of calm and quiet and mild evening around the bay area. cleaver skies and still warm in some spot but before we look at current readings let's look at today's record. kent field high of 84 and san rafael high of 82 new record high for this date and the following location tied the existing record hay for the date. santa rosa, nap a-s move it field and san francisco with high of 80 degrees tying the existing record set back 2 years ago on
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this date. rate now it is 70 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland and concord 68 in antioch. 72 in fremont. it is warm all around the bay area. one relatively half man bay reading of 48 degrees. these are the hichlts only get agent bit cooler each day this week until it starts to get seasonal. showers arrive on friday and cold wet weather over the weekend. here's our stiment acknowledge showing high pressure still the dominant feature in our weather picture but it is weakening this ridge of high pressure is and that will open the door for the arrival of some weather disturbance that are moving in our general direction and that of course brings us cooler weather. start the animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and over the neck couple days weak front approaches and another one moving through and north bay friday morning and see showers there and that will push on through and stronger storm drops down behind it for the weekend bringing showers on saturday and sunday and some cold air will descend on us with that storm system and as the cold air mass drops into
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the bay area, snow levels drop down to 3 to 4000 feet that mean the higher bay area peak could see some snow fall. light but snow. low pressure tonight will not be very low. another mild night. not squit warm and generally low reach only in the mid 50's. not very low at all but couple spots in the north bay may see low dropping into the upper 40's. then tomorrow another lovely day starting in the south bay. sunny sky. high of 75 at san jose and campbell and 74 at loss gatto. see 74 redwood city and palo alto so mild operate peninsula as well. mild on the coast. mid 60's at pacifica and a half moon bay. in and around san francisco high of 66 in the sun set district. 71 degrees downtown north bay high mainly mid 70's, 74 novato napa 75 and santa rosa, calistoga the high low 70's 72 in oakland 74 fremont over the hills into the inland valley mid 70's for antioch and concord livermore and brent wood and monterey
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bay 72 at santa cruz. 68 at monterey. mid 70's inland and holster and morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast you can see the graduate tapering off of temperatures and then by friday we get quite cloudy chance of showers and then chilly over the weekend with daytime high only in the 50's all across the bay area and it will be wet. >> seasonal weather. >> there you go. finally. november weather arrives. >> thanks spencer very much. >> just ahead tonight. fascinating chapter in bay area aviation history. the china clipper. flight that revolutionize commercial air california. we have that california. we have that story as we continue. stay with us.
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>> next week marks important anniversary in aviation history. the first pan am china clipper, luxury sea plane took off from alameda on it maiden voyage to the philippines with 4 stops in between. the journey of more than 8,000 miles and it changed aviation history. heather looks back at china clipper history. >> 3:00 p.m. november 22nd, 22nd, 1935. the china clipper rising from the what the of san francisco bay with the first yoount united states airmail bound for china. >> reporter: the pan am klein a clipper inauguration flight carried only airmail. but from then on the 74 passenger flying ocean liner would take well healed traveler from hawaii to hong kong. it was the beginning of commercial aviation across the pacific. crowds came to treasure island to watch the departure. >> special pan american
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limousine bring orient bound passengers on treasure island in san francisco bay. >> thoses were the days when it was romantic. it was exciting and it was really first class. >>reporter: the china clipper was the first of 3 martin m 130 flying boat ordered by pan am. fir leg of the cross pacific trip was 17 hour flight to honolulu. along the way passengers enjoyed white linen tinying and sleeping bert it was not inexpensive. >> about 380 dollars for the trip which equivalent of take's dollars probably was about 9,000 dollars. >>reporter: round trip. >> that was one way. >>reporter: china clipper serviceen entered 19 grave when it crashed in trinidad. 16 passengers and 9 craw members died in the crash. this prop is all that is left of any of the m-130 on display with other clipper memorabilia at the ff o aviation history museum. there is a similar aircraft the oakland aviation museum. 1940 era has served
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as stand in for the clipperism when they were getting ready to make indiana jones the first indiana jones movie they needed a flying boat that would replicate indicate the china clipper. none of those of course were available. this was the closest they could faint. >>reporter: sfo begins a week long celebration of the china clipper tomorrow. heather abc 7 news. >> new there are several event over the next week related to the china clipper historic first flight. and we have links to them at abc 7 under see it on tv. >> the green belt section of san francisco justin herman plaza soon take on whole new look. the mayor led the ground breaking today for new 2 bocci courts state of the art and the 150,000 dollar price tag will be picked up by private donations. no cost to the city. neighborhood activist think there were better uses for that property. >> when we continues hear tonight. gift fund for hospital patients that is
9:26 pm
still being spent on the staff. find out why administrators don't see anything wrong with that. 7 news i team follow-up report. china staggering economic growth. tonight what the workers are willing to do to make sure the next yen ration gets the highest level of education. >> and the end of long and winding road for apple. another half hour of newsocock ] every five minutes, chase pays for someo's eligible credit or debit ca purchase. [beep] chase picks up the tab. it could be you. chase picks up the tab. it's anothegreat reason to bank with chase. chase what matters. sign up at a branch today.
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were prese i want you to continues in just a moment.
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>> good evening once again. we have update tonight on abc 7 news night team investigation. our report showed money from the patient gift fund at san francisco laguna honda hospital being spent on staff perk and
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parties instead. not the patient. administrators promised to clean up the accounting. but that hasn't happened. here's the i team investigation. >>reporter: laguna honda hospital is a safety net for some of the poorest people in san francisco. need long-term care or rehab for injuries. adjusting to life there can be tough. >> i'm glad it 30's but it is approximately pretty sad there. very, most people are lonely. >>reporter: s lorraine knows. her husband wilson is well known in the world of underground comic. he helped start zap in the 1960's. >> you know he's an icon. as an artist. >>reporter: in 2008 he was found unconscious on san francisco street. what happened to him is a mystery. he suffered massive brain injury and spent nearly a year at laguna honored a.she saw firsthand what life is like for patients there. >> a lot of patients there are
9:30 pm
spend their day pan handling all the visitors that come in. they don't have any money to buy themselves a treat or soda. >>reporter: that's where the gift fund comes in. it's supposed to provide small pleasure for patient. favorite food. small tv. or bus trip to chris field but our investigation last may showed how some hospital administrators misused the gift if you said and spent tens of thousands of dollars on gourmet meals, gifts and barbecue for staff instead of patient. chamberlain remembers the lavish spread at the barbecue. >> gorgeous looking food. really a lot of food. >>reporter: nothing like the food patient were serve ised. she decided to take her husband to the party. >> this guy by the step said told us to move along. this is just for the staff only. you know. they didn't even want us looking at it. >>reporter: when gift fund money started to run dry, the hospitals was forced to make cut to patient benefit like bus outings. that's when the state stepped in. the california department of
9:31 pm
public health created the hospital in may for failing to meet the recreation need of patients. it is not address to figure out where the money is going at laguna honda but still a lot of it moving around. new documents obtained by the i team show last february administrators diverted 100,000 dollars of interest from the patient gift fund to hospital accounts used for staff. 2 check totalling 37,000 dollars from non-profit that raises money for patients both nut staff expense account. that was in 2006 and 7. we found several small checks written to the patient gift fund over the last 5 years by family in memory of loved ones but used for staff instead. laguna honda took 1800 dollars out of patient activity account to pay for cpr class for nurses in 2008. after we aired the first story they quietly put it back. whether do you feel the greatest gratitude to? to the the other residents or
9:32 pm
do you think you feel the greatest gratitude to the person who cared for your relevant difference? >>reporter: san francisco health director mitch cat says donor money given to staff is still benefiting patient. >> obviously we don't believe that. they think that having high morale in staff an training staff has nothing to do with patient and you would never mix them. i don't think most people believe that. >>reporter: shortly after our story in may san francisco controller office did a quick review of the gift fund and made recommendations. in september cat moved 100,000 dollar of interest and 37,000 dollars donation back in the patient account. but he maintenance that no money was misspent and that the gift fund is for both patient and staff. so hospital administrators rewrote the gift fund policy to say that. >> we changed policy all the time. i'm not buying the idea that because it was, we gnaw
9:33 pm
20 years ago what it was that resident most needed from the gift fund. i'm sure 20 years ago cigarette were purchased from the gift fun. >>reporter: but rewriting the policy is not okay with the state. they issued another citation to laguna honda hospital a month ago. this time for trying to override san francisco city code which says gift fund money is for the general benefit and comfort of patient. not for staff. >> there's missing money. there's funds that are shifting. there's funds that have been renamed. it is lake how do you follow the money. where is the money. >>reporter: george heads the west of twin peek central council and spent long time advocate and fundraiser for the ho, the hospitals now he's a watch dog. >> once we started talking about money. gift fund. people got very, very evasive. >>reporter: he says the group always had a great relationship with the hospital but when they pushed to see the book the hospital shut
9:34 pm
them out. >> very sad thing now becauses the people in the community are very giving. they want the green flight good and help laguna honda resident. they are part of our community but he we don't know, we don't have any green light. no communication whatsoever. >>reporter: despite the problems lorraine is still hoping people will find a which to donate to the patient. she thinks all the attention will keep things going in the right direction. >> not a lot of people i think that have visitors at all and so they don't have a support system and so lacking that the gift fund would take care of their needs. >> san francisco controller is now conducting fleet audit of the patient gift fund that was to take 6 weeks it is now up to 10. by the way mitch is moving to los angeles for new job and the cf o in charge of overseeing the patient gift fund is also getting a new job at muni. if you have a tip for our next investigation
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e-mail us through abc 7 for the i team, abc 7 news. unlicensed welders being blamed for high-rise apartment fire that has killed at least 53 people in shanghai, china. more than 70 others are hospitalized. some resident were said to be trapped on the roof of the building. few may have jumped to their death in a panic. 3 helicopters tried to rescue residents from above but flames and as you can see here very thick smoke black dark smoke hampered the efrts. others clung to scaffolding. some able to chime down. the building housed 156 family and many people remain unaccounted for tonight. the taliban today attacked u.s. base critical to counter insurgent efforts in afghanistan. insurgent unleashed 51 fire and rockets one of them hit a fuel container starting an enormous fire. stint occurred at camp wright in the province and nobody was hurt but 6 armored
9:36 pm
vehicle were his destroyed. each one costing upward of 1 million dollars. and polices in italy have seized more than a ton of pure cocaine from a shipping container worth as much as 340 million dollars. the cocaine8h had been stashed in the cavity of some tractor shipped from brazil gentleman now back to china. it is estimated 140 million chinese workers leave their homes and their family to go live and work in the factories. tonight david muir look at what it takes to keep those factories going. >> our journey to the factory town south of hang eye begins early. factory work who are the real engine driving this economy. entire towns here devoted to making just one product. this billboard for the town a that makes zippers. we stopped in china where they make umbrella. beside the factory the dorm for workers small rooms where they
9:37 pm
live. fourth floor 22-year-old about woman moved here leaving her family 500 miles away carrying small bag of clothes and this prized wood ep jewelry box. now 5 minute walk past the guard in the factory and showing machine number 52. she makes 14 dollars a day here. 2 70 dollars a month. and she send half of it home. each factory worker sews 40 umbrella an hour. 1600 a week and by year-end that's 80,000 umbrella year from each worker. and more than half of them will be sold in the united states. picot will go to the u.s. head of the factory reveals the biggest client. >> yes. costco. >>reporter: 2 hours further south the town that makes one-third of the world sox. the we were stuned to learn she runs 8 machine here. >> all of them. sweat on her forehead as she carefully
9:38 pm
measures every sock. her husband works in the warehouse. >>reporter: this is your husband. brings cell phone over and treasured image of their son. just nip years old they left him behind in rural china with his grandparents. was his that hard. >> no he tells me. they visit him once a year for the chain he's new year. sacrifice parents in the factory make for a bet future for their children. >> world doesn't just compete with the chinese factory worker today and the children tomorrow. china educating the young better than ever. we have to provide even better resources for ours. >>reporter: with the economy already on the move here the trucks lined up right in the middle of the highway waiting for those button, those zippers and the toys they were eager the to show them off. fichlt say mama, say daddy. >>reporter: in china it seems christmases has come early. so many goods headed become to the u.s. s including those
9:39 pm
umbrella 300 more season today by cheney as the sun set on another ship at the factory. if. >> they work very hard. that's his david muir reporting. well still ahead here tonight. local couple shares their less than splendid stories and picture from the stranded carnival splendor cruise. >> kick the tire and take a test drive. if you actually buy this truck? buy this truck? ak 47 is part of the
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is the. >> we are not doing this just to do it. we are doing it because we need to keep powder and gel and liquid off of planes that are unauthorized. just as we need to keep metal off plane. >> that's homeland security secretary janet nopolitano defending the tsa new anti-terrorism procedures in america airport. her comments come after a man got into a dispute with tsa officers in san diego this weekend after refusing to undergo a body scan. she says the new body scanners and enhanced pat down procedures are necessary to prevent terror attacks. travelers have complained scanners are unsafe and the pat down are overly invasive. >> different kind of travel to talk b.oakland kim is back
9:43 pm
home tonight after a vacation they will surely never forget. they were among 3000 passengers strandeded at sea last we can when the carnival cruise ship splendor lost power off the coast of mechanic could. laura had a their story. >> the ship was shuttering violently really. >>reporter: for ba9qá and larry the firsts full day on the carnival splendor was anything but splendid. especially when thick smoke began to billow from the engine room as shown in this photo taken by the couple. >> it was acrid. electrical insulation smoke. >> smoke was billowing out of our balcony cabin so we knew there may be a problem in the hall and sure enough, i opened the door and looked down and i grabbed a towel and ran through the hall forward. >>reporter: they and 3300 other passengers ran to the top deck. start 4 day adrift without power and working plumbing. >> this was an adventure. >>reporter: food was sparse
9:44 pm
until a helicopter air-lifted supplies from the navy ship uss ronald reagan including spam and pop tart. ship also had a good supply of water and fresh fruit and vegetables. >> and some hamburger buns once with a piece of lettuce and a half tomato. that looked pretty good to me. >>reporter: while the mexican tugboat chihuahua slowly pulled the splendor toward san diego the couple were entertained by 150 magician on board for a special event. although even they couldn't magically restore the power. >> bunch of phony we found out. they are not real. that's not real magic we found out. >>reporter: despite the adventure on the smrep door the couple told us they will crust again. at least one more time besides a full refund for the splendor trip carnival gave them a free voucher for a future cruise. in oakland, abc 7 news. after 33 years in the car business one florida car dealer will add mit to a gimmick or 2 to bring in
9:45 pm
customers. >> we have given away free gas for a year. given away tv. given away trips to the bahamas. >>reporter: but at nation truck near orlando nick may have out done himself this time. he gives away an ak 47 with every truck purchase. sales pitch triggered a flood of phone calls. third of them negative. >> ak 47 have a connotation in people mind so i came up with that to be agent controversial cause a little buzz. i accomplished that. >>reporter: indeed he has. nick says the deal has more than doubled sales since the offer was announced last week. >> apparently not a joke. coming up. former president joining the cast of hang over. >> rat be doing this than some stuffy political office. >> sarah palin. not just a politician and star of reality tv show. now you can add word
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tv show. now you can add word smith to her [ son ] my pents have always lived in the states. until twyears ago, when my dad transferred to istanbul.
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music lovers. decade long feud has come to an and. according to the "wall street journal"apple will announce tomorrow that beatle's songs will be available on i tunes. the band and apple were trading lawsuits since 1978 when they accused the computer maker of infringing on the band trademark. >> another entertainment news. get this. former president clinton sharing the big screen with the guys in the hang over 2. mr. clinton will play himself in the comedy. he shot his cameo in bangkok where part of the production takes place. kate can't twice see how it turns out. >> let go back to expense tore update the forecast. it was a funny movie. >> it was. >> record high for this day in santa rosa 84. napa 83 degrees. napa tied and 4 location tied the existing
9:50 pm
record and the others broke the record. so very warm day. hot at times and tomorrow morning 8:00 o'clock we see mild conditions already and warm-up to the low to mid 70's by midday. we see mid to maybe even upper 70's later in the afternoon as we peak out with the high pressure tomorrow another very mild november day but that's all winding down. in fact by the end of the week back to more normal condition this time of the year. friday showers arrive. chilly over the weekend with showers on saturday sunday and high pressure only in the 50's quite far cry from the 80's we saw today. >> okay. that's a big change. >> huge change. >> thank you expense snaer sarah palin has officially changed the american vocabulary. new okay ford american dictionary says she's responsible for the word of the year. listen. >> and the president and his wife the first lady spoke at naacp so recently they have power in their word. they could refeud 88th what it is that this group is saying. >> refeud ate. mash up of
9:51 pm
refute and repudiate and generally means reject. it beat out other tough competitor for the tough spot concluding gleek the loud horns at world cup soccer, retweet and tea party. there we go. >> new word to learn. >> there you go. >> i have a new word for you. couple new owner. warriors put on a show first night upped new seasonsship. impressing the new bosses. joe and peter putting on a show. got all the highlight ["knock on wood" playing]
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. requestyevurá could get messerly the former bart cop out of jail in a mat of weeks. and you have probably seep the ads but can these before bed pills really make you wake up all energized. what sleep experts are saying. those stories and more at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope to see you then. michblingt will the warriors snatch defeat out of the jaw of victory. >> 32 point lead dwindled down. lawyers under new ownership tonight. about impressive earlier today. during the game they were introduced to the fans and they went crazy. put on a show for the new owner in the first. ellis. gliding under the basket for the pretty reverse. warriors up. later
9:55 pm
first. out to ellis. buries the 3. 3 of the 24 in the first half. part of 24-2 warrior run. in the second wright. from mid court. rodney throws it down. warriors led 65-42 at the half. in the third. cross-over and floater ball. up 20. right now in the fourth they lead 98-92. complete highlight at 11:00. earlier today in san francisco they made the first public remark to the media and the ownership group is willing to do whatever it takes to bring a championship back to the bay area. >> approximately celtics lakers fantastic history. lot to learn. successful over and over and over again. there is no reason in the world that we can not be a successful as either one of the teams. none. >> idea is this isn't the cure for cancer. maybe the cure for could hand but not the cure for cancer so the idea is you have to think of it as
9:56 pm
people that are engage in it as light as reality that we have been given this opportunity. item an opportunity. >>reporter: fresh energy. what a year for giant rookie catcher buster the. world series title and today voted 2010 national league rookie of the year by the baseball writers of america. 23-year-old first giant player to win the award since count in 1975. 67 rbi and 108 games after being brought up on may 29. the more importantly he handled the best pitching staff in the mainly finishing first in the national league with 3.35hi. he joins mays and others as the coveted award. >> gives me chills to think about mention with the guy names have won the same award. to be one of the few giants to have won the award. again extremely humble to be mentioned in the same categor
9:57 pm
category. >>reporter: well deserved. 49 ers mike named quarterback troy smith starter for this sunday game against tampa bay. smith 2 and o in the 2 starts with the niners. threw for 3 56 yards yesterday. victory over the ram and 3 of the 4 td pass negated by penalty. team rally and bag to the position lacking. coach said today smith took it like a pro and team is on board. and for troy smith all about spreading it around to the offensive tall than the. >> too many tremendous athlete here to not share it for everybody to not have a chance and an opportunity to make a play. >> all right. monday night football. eagle and redskins and phillies does not miss donovan mcnab. first play of the game. vick play action roll left watch this. to jackson. 88 yards. first play of the game. for the former cal star. vick threw
9:58 pm
for 3 33 yards. 4 touch downs. ran for 2. 6 td on the night. steam roll the redskins 59-28. well the 113 big game between cal and stanford set for sat in berkeley. cal once the has two in sick of the last 7 but cardinals rank 6 in the bca total. lost heart breaker saturday to top rank other g.o.p. 15-13 and they need a win to become bowl eligible. stanford is 9 and 1 after knocking off arizona state. big game watching and both coaches ready to roll. >> truly is a big game this year. most important game on our schedule and we know we have a great challenge. stanford the big game. a lot of tradition involved. pride and tradition in the game and retaining the acts the kids look forward to. >>reporter: back at stanford cardinal men basketball team and tree opening the season against san diego first half stanford in control. josh
9:59 pm
baseline and 8 later in the half green in tran is. approximately cardinal pickup 22-7. then zimmerman inside. left handed hook. had a game high of 14. stanford wins this opener 64-48. finally tonight. sharks and kings former goalie about honor for induction into the san jose sport hall of fame. first period. bury it. game tied at 1. in the second p.e. spins and scores. sharks lead in the third. 5-3 complete highlights coming up tonight at 11:00. >> okay. of nerve wracking watching the warriors. >> up 32 now up 4 point. if you are a new owner what did i uses buy. >> 4 50 million. >> we could have held that lead. >> interesting. >> for all of us see you again >> for all of us see you again at


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